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Financial Asset Searches

Financial asset searches are very specialized investigations into the (sometimes hidden) financial status of an individual (or company or other entity). Efforts are often made, for various reasons, to conceal or downplay (or sometimes exaggerate) one’s wealth. We can sort out the facts regarding the subject’s assets through our ability to search bank account holdings (even if you cannot supply the target’s bank, branch and account number), stocks/bonds, real estate, personal property (vehicles, boats, planes), insurance policies and annuities, safe deposit boxes and more. As former Federal Agents we have better sources and methods for uncovering this type of information, which can be VERY useful in a litigation situation.


"Our law firm specializes in family law. Quite often, in a divorce or child support case, our client is pretty much in the dark about their spouse's actual financial status. On many occasions, Investigations Florida has stepped in to get me and my client the facts. I'll never go anywhere else." - Our Client

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